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We can help with either our FoxAssist or FoxTutor service.

Having difficulty implementing a new feature in your VFP application or just don't have the time or man-power to complete the task? Are you a new student to FoxPro and want one-on-one personal tutoring?


Here is how FoxAssist will works. Using Webex's MeetMeNow conferencing software, I will be able to share your desktop (or take control with your permission) and while on the phone work together to resolve your particular FoxPro issue. (See Webex Demo of MeetMeNow)

Who should use FoxAssist:
- New or intermediate FoxPro developers (advanced users are still welcome) - Companies seeking a short term FoxPro developer

FoxAssist will cost $89USD per session (or call 415.287.4012 in the U.S. or 647.827.1979 in Canada, for a flat project fee).


FoxTutor provides a virtual classroom for one-on-one FoxPro Training. Unlike videos, the student gets to interact directly with the instructor as in a classroom environment. With Webex MeetMeNow, I'm able to share my desktop and also give control to the student during practice sessions. Students may opt to pick a specific topic of their choice or select the standard training option (beginner to intermediate topics) at time of signup.

Who should use the FoxTutor service:
- Those who prefer a live person while learning
- Those who find it difficult learning from a book or videos
- Those seeking 1-on-1 help on a specific topic

FoxTutor will cost $89USD per session (typically 1 hour in length).

For both services a broadband connection is required. Long distances charges may also apply to those dialing into the sessions conference bridge. An alternative to dialing into the bridge is to use Skype (free PC-to-PC phone service) to join the session.

To request a session for either services, please contact me via email at feedback@garfieldhudson.com or via phone at 415.287.4012 in the U.S. or 647.827.1979 in Canada.