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Hi and welcome! My name is Garfield Hudson and I'm a Visual FoxPro and .NET developer/consultant. My goal in creating this site was to help new VFP developers quickly get up to speed with coding on the platform. Thus, you can and should take advantage of all the free videos I've created to do just that. When you're finished with the free videos take a look at our premium content to see if anything there interests you as well. You'll need to purchase a subscription to access those videos however.

Another reason, I created this site was for exposure. To let companies and individuals know that there is a VFP resource out there, not just for teaching VFP, but for assisting with any existing or new development projects as well, even providing one-on-one tutoring, if desired.

I've been working with FoxPro since version 2.0 for DOS and have built and maintained applications on both the DOS and Windows Operating System. Today, with the popularity of .NET many developers and companies are looking to port their existing VFP/FoxPro apps to .Net and being a .NET developer also can assist in making the transition (i.e. code migration, database upsizing/downsizing), should you want to port a project in either direction.

Visual FoxPro is a great tool and will be used to build many more applications for years to come.