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A BIG thank you to all who took the time to send me some feedback and for the permission to share them on this site.


From: Bo Lane
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 5:34 PM
To: feedback@garfieldhudson.com
Subject: Free Videos



First, just wanted to thank you for providing the video screencasts to the public at no charge. I started a new job and they hired me knowing that I had no previous programming and VFP experience. I am a web/html designer but knowing this, they are taking a risk. I want to tell you that I am learning loads of information from you and now feel confident that I will be able to learn this a lot quicker than I had anticipated. The videos are precise and full of information. I am walking through them with you so that I can visually prepared myself while learning at the same time.

Again, thanks for your help. I am forever grateful.

Bo Lane  |  Publisher
Rethink Monthly Magazine



Where were you a year ago when I first started slogging my way through Visual Foxpro!   Having just gone through several of your videos in the last 24 hours, I now realize I wasted dozens of hours not knowing some the basics and time-saving techniques you teach in your videos.


I'm a market research analyst who's building VFP applications to improve my own productivity.  I've made good progress in the past year and I'm now looking at your videos to take me to the next level -- and fill in a ton of knowledge gaps -- stuff I should have known a long time ago. 


Though your videos are aimed at the novice, as an intermedate VFPer I've learning plenty of new tricks peering over your virtual shoulder.  I've tried a few books on Foxpro, but I'm finding your teaching technique more efficient.  Too many of the Foxpro books and Microsoft's documentation are short on examples and blow you away with technical detail.   Yours is a much more relaxed way to learn -- and it's a nice step-by-step pace.  Even like your Australian accent. . . or whatever it is.   Anyway, it feels like a conversation not hearing a lecture.


Now I look forward to enjoying your premium videos.  This is great value for the money!  Thanks a lot.


Dan Baker

Research Director

Technology Research Institute

Effort, PA  USA


Once again I must thank you.  I was a FoxPro 2.6 DOS programmer for 20 years and became quite proficient, developing many departmental applications throughout our governmental infrastructure.  Recently, we finally talked our IS manager into purchasing VFP 9.0 after much discussion regarding other database development tools.  Needless to say I was totally lost, knowing only the syntax and little of the new object-oriented concepts.  Frantically searching the internet for any help at all I stumbled upon your free VFP learning videos.  What a godsend; by simply going through your wonderfully presented videos I was able to rewrite several of our older FoxPro applications both easily and quite quickly.  Having had so much fun using the techniques I learned from your video series I now want to take my programming skills to the next level.  I was eagerly awaiting your premium video presentations and after reviewing your initial content matter, decided that they were just what I needed to hone my VFP skills.  Thank you for all your time and effort in presenting these easy to understand and extremely affordable videos.   

Steve McCheyne
Ontario County, Upstate New York

I ran across your site yesterday via Craig Bailey’s VFP FanPop site.

Nice job on the learning videos! I feel there has been an explosion of new VFP developers worldwide, and a learning series is invaluable for helping a lot of these folks learn more about VFP.

I’m starting up a new website, vfptv.com. Would it be OK for me to link to your videos from the site?


Kevin Ragsdale
Manchester, TN

The VFP community needs exactly something like this to help people just learning the language to get up to speed!

Thank you for doing this.

Perhaps you could publish a list of upcoming lessons that you know that you'd like to do. Also, you may want to allow other VFP people to create videos on VFP topics and upload them to your site. It's a lot of work to create the screencasts and I wouldn't want you to have to do them all yourself. Perhaps you could publish your requirements (screen resolution, screencast technology requirements, size limits). We'd like to help.

Thanks again!

Kevin Cully
CULLY Technologies, LLC

Sponsor of Fox Forward 2006!

I have learned a lot so far by watching your videos. I recently was given the chance in my company to begin programming VFP and this has been invaluable. Looking forward to you adding other content to your site. I have checked back daily to see if there is any.

Would you recommend any books or other reading material that I can learn from?

Best Regards,

Lou Lohsl

Im new to vfp and your videos definitely help clear up some issues I was having. 


Brad McCormick

Dear Hudson,

            I am a student in Srilanka who is doing NCC international degree and I have a basic knowledge about visual basic programming language. Before a one month I got an opportunity to join a software company as a trainee programmer and they are using "visual FoxPro 9" as their main programming language. Then I also had to learnt about FoxPro programming language.

            Then I was starting to search via world wide web about it. At that time I saw your website, and I watch your video lessons which are related to FoxPro. Before this, I did not know about FoxPro at all. After watched this lessons, I got a good knowledge about Foxpro. Therefore I thought to thank you about it. I like to thank you about your skills and teaching ability. I expect another FoxPro lessons from you.

Thank you

Kumudu Upendra

garfield ,

 Very good, these videos, thank u.

Allthough I call myself an intermediate foxpro developer and the aim of your videos is to bring a new developer to a intermediate level , i learn a lot of your videos, bcos i noticed,  i missed some standard programming techniques or hints.

Also very good to see, u build the video from scratch, so u r showing the "real" process of building up an application.

I have some minor questions for u:

- i was wondering, why u dont use the option 'fix' in debugging. I saw u cancelled the program instead?

- if i want to donate a small contribution for your work, how can i do that?

- u r wizzling a kind of music in ur videos, and i m getting used to it. Do u have the compositon of this music for me? :) 

Keep on with the good work.

Mr. Ron Philippo
The Netherlands

My name is David, and I am a college student studying computer programming at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa. I've taken up an internship for the summer. The company mainly programs in VFP and my college doesn't offer a course on it so my employer has showed me your website and I have been studying your videos, along with some text books for the last week or so.
I enjoy your videos they are very informative (especially since the text books they offered me are several years old), however I do find myself pausing and back-tracking alot to be sure I don't miss anything.
I was emailing mainly because I was wondering if you have any videos specifically on debugging, Im not a premium member so perhaps there are some there.
Thanks you,